up to 12 meters with 1 driver
Current Splitter is a simple, straight forward solution to save on costs of Drivers and installation of RESIST and C4. Current Splitter turns a 2800mA driver into 4 X 700mA drivers. Less Drivers + Less inlets = Major Cost savings. And its all balanced!
Current Splitter is designed to save costs on Led Drivers and mainly on installation. The unit divides the total Amperage from the driver into 2,3,4 channels/strings depending on the fixture. Maximum efficiency for the system can be achieved by using the current splitter for 4 channels/Strings
The system is balanced even in cases in which the forward voltage of each string is different. In case that one of the strings stop working the total Amperage will be divided by the remaining channels/strings, hence it is important not to use the system with Amperage close the aloud maximum.
The Current Splitter Works with a Constant Current Power Supply
(ac/dc or dc/dc), and no Communication is required. The system can be used also with different communication protocols depending on the driver. The CS supports dimming if the driver used in the system is dimmable. Due to its Linear Circuitry, the unit does not deteriorate the EMI (FCC & EMC Requirement)

DC Voltage Range 18-75V DC Current ≤2.8A
Automatic distribution
Over Voltage Short Circuit Over Temperature
Typical PSU
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