Dled's Technology

d-led develops and manufactures both standard and custom-made LED-based lighting fixtures, drivers and light engines, integrating light with electronic control.

We provide a personalized service from the initial concept design through installation, matching the specific needs of each client with the best possible cost-effective solution. d-led operates within the growing market of architectural LED lighting, developing innovative and creative solutions in response to the ever-increasing demand for high quality and powerful light output.

Our R&D department incorporates a wide range of technological capabilities, including Active Thermal Protection (ATP), development of LED driving systems, designing special optics and implementing network address protocols such as DMX (RDM) & DALI. Furthermore, we create and manufacture beautifully designed futuristic fixtures. The department employs in-house industrial designers, mechanical, electronic and software engineers, and uses modeling equipment such as a 3D ABS printer, enabling rapid product mockup manufacture.

We are able to develop, manufacture and sell our line of products on an OEM basis, an option we currently provide for leading lighting brands worldwide.

d-led's systems enable key technological features, such as Plug & Play systems and Flicker Free Dimming capability.

d-led is a certified "Luxeon" Lighting Network manufacturer, a "Future" Lighting Solutions partner. We are also an ISO 9001 approved company and have international compliance certification for all products.

Driver On Boards

DOB (Driver on Board): With this feature, no drivers are required. Fixtures are operated via 24VDC power supply.

Active thermal protection

ATP (Active Thermal Protection): Automatic thermal control, a LED driver monitors the fixture's thermal output. If overheating accrues it will gradually reduce output current (will not shut it off) until the temperature goes down.


Honeycomb is a grid structure made of aluminum that allows easy control of the LED light beam using a wide range of grid dimensions.


UV Protection is for fixtures intended for outdoor use. Special UV resistant covers prevent a yellowing effect due to sun exposure.