MicroSpot for outdoor or indoor
ceiling recessed installation.
GINGER is a line of spotlights affording a small and slick design and leading-edge technology. The series of spots includes both recessed and freestanding fixtures. GINGER 400 is a new line of spotlights with higher light output of 460lm thanks to Luxeon 5050 Led. Option for Serial or parallel connection (24V)

Although GINGER is small in size (only 74mm), it affords a mighty light output of 240lm, thanks to the new Luxeon TX LED. Furthermore, GINGER’s dark-light design ensures a pure light without glare.

GINGER has a smart design, incorporating a unique cooling method, and a concealed cable PG, to provide a slim cutout where its anodized color lends the final touch of an artist.

GINGER R is a spotlight for outdoor or indoor ceiling recessed installation. This line is ideal for illuminating facades and niches, spas and pool areas, landscape lighting and scenery, counters and shelves, indoor and outdoor use, at home and/or in the office.
IP 67
Min 90
4° -50° / OV
2200K - 5000k
R / G / B
RAL / Anodize
Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem
Lighting design: Micha Margalit
Technical Drawing