Spice Pendent
A versatile linear lighting for Indoor applications.
SPICE system introduces an innovative approach to lighting design and energy efficiency. With a variety of high quality optics to choose from, and the flexibility to choose the desired length and light output of each run.

SPICE has an impressive Max. Efficiency of 153 lm/w (4000K/80CRI) and wide range of optics to suite most design needs. Units are seamlessly joined to create a continues lighting effect.

SPICE is designed for Indoor applications. Its small size makes it ideal for shops, hotels, public buildings, museums etc. It is available in 1 or 2 channels and wide range of color temperatures.

SPICE PENDENT is an indoor light fixture pending from the ceiling. It comes in 4 different lengths and is cleverly designed to maintain output regardless of the number of units connected together making large scale system installation simple and very cost effective.
IP 20
70-90 CRI
5360 lm/m
153 lm/w
Mide / Wide / OV / WG
2200 - 6500K
RAL / Anodize
Humanization offices in Petah Tikva
Lighting design: Mor Sagiv
Fixture Length