DMX 512 Multichannel LED Driver
Adjustable current source solution,
Caters LED 435W LEDs / 12 channel,
Allows the flexibility needed in driving
your high brightness LED’s.

High efficiency (up to 95%)
1 to 12 LED per channel ( based on forward voltage up to 15 LED )
Manual output levels control via LCD Menu
Smooth fade control with continuous current output
Easy profile & installation
Flicker-free dimming and Active Thermal Protection 


350mA = Max. 144 LEDs /  12Ch
700mA = Max. 144 LEDs /  12Ch
Max. 48VDC
Up to 700mA per channel
DIN Rail Mount
273 * 75 * 58mm
Terminal Block Plugs
Constant Current
Max 435w, 12 Ch
50mA-700mA Current
DMX 512
LCD & Screen Keys
Self diagnostic protocol
Line & Circuit protection
Thermal protection
Netanya Stadium
Lighting design: Kobi Rosenthal