Memorial Hall in Mount Herzel

The Mount Herzl Memorial Hall is a memorial to Israel’s fallen who fell defending the Land of Israel from 1860 until today. The monument is one of the most impressive and complex architectural structures in Israel. The hall includes an inner space that serves as a ceremonial hall, replacing the central ceremony plaza in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl. The structure is built on 4 circular floors composed concrete, steel, and modern materials of the highest quality.

The memorial hall is illuminated with applied and decorative lighting including approx. 24,000 LED candles integrated into the Wall of Names. The monument was planned and designed by Israeli architect Etan Kimmel of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects and the lighting was planned by lighting designer Amir Brener.

d-led was the Israeli manufacturer chosen to supply the lighting and control elements, which create the lighting effects in the hall. The lighting and control system for the Wall of Names was designed and manufactured specifically for this project by the Company’s team of engineers according to stringent and unique requirements suited to the design and Ministry of Defense specifications. The system enables the automatic lighting of each fallen soldier’s candle on the memorial date. The system also allows various cross-sections to be made, such as different wars, different corps, etc. The system enables individual control of each candle so that it can meet the various cross-section requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

The lighting includes approx. 24,000 special LEDs manufactured and designed to simulate a candle flame for each of the fallen. Each candle contains a high light output LED at a temperature of 220 Kelvin to achieve the appearance of a candle. The system enables extremely accurate control of the lighting, dimming, and extinguishing of the candle, meeting the Ministry of Defense demands and enabling the production of delicate effects that can be operated based on the customer's requirements. The system is also designed to operate in a RANDOM mode so that the candles will not light together when most or all of them are lit, but that each will operate according to its own separate lighting process, simulating the behavior of real candles.

The passageway lighting adds orientation lighting and emphasizes the architecture of the site.

All the lighting fixtures are operated through designated controllers developed and manufactured specifically by d-led for the project. These controllers provide the flexibility required for high resolution control, allowing the system to operate at a high or low light intensity, at a slow or high switching speed, including assimilation of candle behavior.

Lighting consultant: Amir Brener

Photography: Sagi Moran