Stalactite cave

The spectacular Stalactite Cave in the center of Israel was discovered by chance in 1968 and the surrounding area was declared a nature reserve in March 1975. The cave has an area of 4,800 square meters and a volume of 25,000 cubic meters. The temperature is approx. 22°C and the humidity ranges from 92%-100%.
When the Israel Nature and Parks Authority decided to replace the lighting in the cave, they insisted on using new LED technology to ensure that the cave remains maintenance-free for several years.  

Lighting specifications:

  •  no use of white LEDs whose wavelength is harmful to the stalactites.
  •  it must have an IP67 outdoor rating due to the humidity levels.
  •  it must have linear dimming and control.

Lighting designer Micha Margalit chose d-led as the company with the ability to support the project by providing professional advice and complying with the stringent demands of the geologists. The new d-led HIVE fixture was chosen to illuminate the cave, since it will last for many years.
d-led supplied 180 HIVE of 12 Leds with 20° lenses and BGA color (Blue/Green/Amber) and 140 HIVE of 6 Leds with 9° lenses and Amber color, connected to 20 MegaACEs ER-SD controllers.

The walking path through the cave is illuminated by 170 Amber Rebel Star LEDs installed inside the handrail.
The breathtaking outcome stunned everyone (including us)!!!


Lighting consultant: Micha Margalit

Products used for this project:

Hive  MegaAce