Hashmurot Bridge

Netanya’s Shmurot Bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which connects two of the city’s key nature reserves – the Winter Pond and the Iris Reserve – and is part of Netanya’s comprehensive infrastructure plan. The bridge is in the south of the city, and crosses over Ben-Gurion Boulevard.

Lighting consultant Kobi Rosenthal met the stringent requirements maintaining the beauty of the bridge and emphasizing the unique construction of the bridge with delicate light passages.

Because the fixtures are installed on the bridge over a two-lane road in both directions, with thin pillars and in a populated residential area, it was necessary to provide solutions using narrow beams of light with concealed glare and the precise programming of light passages according to the different bridge segments, making the project both interesting and challenging.

The HIVE fixtures installed on the bridge have DR-SD12 control systems controlled by STICK KE1 for lighting programs and scenarios at the request of the municipality and architects, under the supervision of the lighting consultant.


Lighting consultant: Kobi Rosenthal

Photography: Sagi Moran


Products used for this project: