Small size Linear fixture with over 5000 Lumens per Meter and full customization
RESIST is only 45mm wide (including brackets), 52mm high and designed to fit even the narrowest of niches. The main body of the RESIST is made out of high quality aluminum profile together with a uniquely designed polycarbonate housing and customized silicon seal for best performance and durability. The uniquely designed body, together with custom designed adjustable brackets, enables the RESIST to be adjusted by 270 degrees (135 degrees to each side) making it very flexible for both the designer and the installer. 

RESIST is a highly customized fixture with options of:
Color Temp : 2200-6500K and any color combination desired by the designers (RGB/RGBW/DW.......)
Number of Led's per Meter : 8/12/18/24 
Choice of 1,2,3 or 4 channels

RESIST can be controlled by d-led's Multichannel Led Drivers or any third-party current driver and with CURRENT SPLITTER for long runs of up to 12.25 meters from one driver allowing for the designers to find the best solution for their needs with unlimited options of color combination, number of Leds and optics 

IP 67
70-90 CRI
6° -47° /OVAL
2200 - 6500K
RAL / Anodize
Menora Hall
Lighting design: Inna Nissenbaum
Fixture Length