Channel 4
Indoor LED fixture for ambient
lighting & Special effects.
This ground-breaking fixture, equipped with new materials, latest-generation LEDs and advanced design, ensures high performance, simple modularity and reliability. With its patented lens holder system, the Channel 4 allows for different led mounting capable of answering to any design and budget needs.

Channel 4 is a highly customized fixture with options of:
Color Temp : 2200-6500K and any color combination desired by the designers (RGB/RGBW/DW.......)
Number of Led's per Meter : 8/12/18/24
Choice of 1,2,3 or 4 channels

Channel 4 can be controlled by d-led's  Multichannel Led Drivers or any third-party current driver and with CURRENT SPLITTER  for long runs of up to 12.25 meters from one driver

Channel 4 features thermal management system, which keeps fixture working while regulating temp back to ideal. With smooth, elegant and simple design, Channel 4 is suitable for both hidden and visible installation.
IP 40
70-90 CRI
50W Meter
6° -47° /OVAL
2700 - 6500K
RAL / Anodize
Taizu Restaurant
Lighting Designer: Orly Alkabes
Fixture Length