Channel 4 CS ( C4CS )
Up to 12 Meter Run (Daisy Chained) with over 22000 Lumens from a simple driver
Channel 4 is a ground-breaking linear fixture, equipped with new materials, latest-generation LEDs and advanced design, ensures high performance, simple modularity and reliability. With its patented lens holder system, the Channel 4 allows for different led mounting capable of answering to any design and budget needs.

Channel 4 CS  (C4CS) combines Channel 4 fixture with internal Current Splitter, saving on costs of drivers and number of inlets and improving ease of installation. Just a driver and linear fixtures. Nothing else

C4CS allows for 12 meters run with one driver. All fixtures daisy chained for a total light output of over 22,000 Lumens. Most Common run for the C4CS is 8 meters daisy chained with 1 driver for a total light output of 22,380 Lumens. 

Color Temp: 2200-6500K + all monochromatic colors in the range
LEDs per Meter: 8/12/24
# of Channels: 1 channel only
Optics: 8-47 degrees + Oval
Max Run and Lumen Output: 12 Meters, 22,380 Lumens Total (4000K/80CRI)

IP 40
70-90 CRI
17/25/51W per Meter
22380 Lu/Run
8° -46° /OVAL
2200 - 6500K
RAL / Anodize
Fixture Length