Ginger NSP CV / CC
Small Size. Even Smaller beam angle and Extreme Light Output
GINGER NSP is a unique fixture based on new optics that was released to the market in Mid 2019.
For a long time there was a trade off between the light output and the size of the fixture when Very Narrow optics was needed. The choice was between a small size fixture with around 250 Lumens to very large fixtures with over 1000 Lumens. But there was no solution for small size and relatively high Lumen. That was before d-led introduces the GINGER NSP
The GINGER NSP allows for a unique combination of very high light output with very narrow optics and small size. the combination of the tree allows for new indoor and outdoor options that were not available before due to the size of the fixture needed in order to have over 500 Lumens with Beam angle of 2-6 degrees.
The GINGER NSP is IP-67 Rated and CE approved. d-led offer 2 options of operation:
1) Serial connection with Beam Angle of 4 deg with Max Lumen of app 500 Lumens (CREE)
2) Parallel connection with Beam Angle of 6 deg with Max Lumen of app 600 Lumens (LUMULEDS)

IP 67
70-90 CRI
MAX. 8.4W
69 lm/w
4/6 Optional 2
2700K~ 7000K
RAL / Anodize