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Netanya Stadium  

The new and stunning Netanya football stadium and sports complex in Israel is decoratively illuminated with 17,000 LEDs. the architecturally striking, state-of-the-art, 24,000 capacity stadium is constructed from concrete, steel and high quality modern materials, and forms the focal point of a 60,000 square metre complex.
the stadium complies with both FIFA and UEFA standard, designed by Israeli GAB designs architects, set to become a major attraction in Israel, is seperated by two tribunes, and above them the floating roof is supported by a large and impressive steel arc supported by poles. Each of the four corners of the stadium features a tower from where tickets are sold. 
d-led was the Israeli manufacturer chosen to supply the fixtures creating the lighting effects for the stadium, including 462 D-WASH36 LED wall washers and 126 DR-SD control drivers.

216 D-WASH36 RGB (Red-Green-Blue) with 6° lenses illuminating the top steel poles and the arc on the top of the tribunes' roofs.
144 D-WASH36 AGB (Amber-Green-Blue) with 15°/25° lenses, illuminating the construction supporting the tribunes' roofs.
38 D-WASH36 AGB (Amber-Green-Blue) with oval lenses, illuminating the edge of the tribunes' roofs.
64 D-WASH36 WW (Warm White) with 25° lenses, illuminating the four black ticket towers.
19 ChannelTubes NW (Natural White) 1100mm long with oval lenses, illuminating the yellow walls of the stadium.
All the fixtures are  connected to d-led's DR-SD control drivers. These allow the flexibility required to drive high brightness LEDs, and permit the system to be operated at up to 700mA. The system is equipped with d-led's ATP (Active Thermal Protection) technology, which actively regulates the current to the LEDs according to the temperature on the PCB board.
This is the biggest dynamic LED system in Israel and this major investment in lighting the stadium is warranted by its uniqe and imposing location alongside the main highway, near the main Northen railway. As Lighting Designer Kobi Rosental from Teichman & co suggests, this was an exceptional opportunity to create a dynamic lighting system that reflects the movement of light parallel to the main traffic route.  

Project: Netanya Stadium
Date: 11/2012
Lighting Designer: Kobi Rosental   
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