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Stalactite Cave

The extraordinary Stalactite Cave in the Center of Israel was found by accident in 1968 and was declared a nature reserve in March 1975. The area of the cave is 4,800 square meters and its volume is 25,000 cubic meters. The temperature is around 22°C and the humidity ranges from 92%-100%.
When the Israel Nature and Parks Authority decided to replace the lighting in the cave, they insisted on using new LED technology to ensure the cave is maintenance-free over the next few years.  There were several conditions: a) no use of white LEDs due to the harmful wavelength for the stalactites; b) it must have an IP67 outdoor rating due to the humidity levels; and c) it needs to be dimmed and controlled linearly.
Lighting designer Micha Margalit chose d-led as the company to support the many tests required to achieve the correct selection of LEDs that the geologists would approve.  The new d-led HIVE fixture was chosen to light the caves, since it will last for many years.
d-led supplied 180 HIVE-12 units with 20° lenses and BGA LEDs (Blue/Green/Amber) and 140 HIVE-6 units with 8.3° lenses and Amber LEDs, connected to 20 MegaAce ER-SD controllers.
The walking path along the cave was illuminated by 170 Amber Rebel Star LEDs installed inside the handrail.
The breath-taking outcome stunned everyone (including us)!!!



Project: Stalactite Cave, Israel
Date: 07/2012
Light designer: Micha Margalit





Stalactite Cave Israel Stalactite Cave Israel Stalactite Cave Israel

Stalactite Cave Israel Stalactite Cave Israel Stalactite Cave Israel 

stalactite cave stalactite cave stalactite cave 

stalactite Cave stalactite cave stalactite cave 



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