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Jaffa Sea Wall

In this chalenging project in the old city of Jaffa, about 350 meters of ChannelTube in CWGB (Cool White, Green and Blue) arrangement were inserted into sealed plastic tubes (230 fixtures each 1,5m long). They were installed in a very severe environment - just 1m away from the salty spray of the mediterranean water.
An amount of 21km of cable and 20 of our MegaAces are supporting the control. With unique sensors and advanced programming of MegaAce-ER-SD, the system reacts to the waves by imitating their motion. The whole procedure contains 8 programs, which can be controlled by a cellular.

Project: Jaffa - Sea Wall
Date: 03/2010
Lighting Designer:
Noa Lev
Installation: Danor LTD


Sea Wall Sea Wall Sea Wall Sea wall
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