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The Company
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The Company

We are a boutique developer and manufacturer of Led systems (fixtures and multi-channel drivers) operating since 2004 and going strong.

We pride ourselves in the use of top Led's , optics, and other components from the leading manufacturers such as: Lumileds, Osram, Ledil and Carclo and others.

dled is known for its high product standards as well as design. We are considered to be one of the pickiest companies in the industry when it comes to in bin selection so we can guarantee our customers' ability for obtaining the same exact binned led's in follow up orders when necessary.

One of the main benefits of working with us is customization; we even offer unique color and lens combinations for small quantities, because we believe that Led's are a tool for the designer, and our job is helping them realize their vision as much as we can.

Although we are considered to be a high-quality manufacturer we always do our best to make our products price competitive against leading European and American brands. We pride ourselves in being small, flexible, able quick to respond when needed.

Our portfolio is specific and our partners use our products in conjunction with other leading manufacturers. In fact, our products are often used as their first choice due to superior quality, attractive pricing, or both...




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