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d-led Illumination Technologies
d-led, a privately held manufacturer founded in 2004, develops and markets innovative designs for LED based lighting fixtures, drivers and light engines that integrate light and electronic control.

d-led develops and manufactures both standard and custom-made products, enabling its customers to receive a personalized service from the initial concept design through to the installation phase, matching each client specific needs with the best possible solution.

d-led works within the growing market of architectural LED lighting, developing new solutions in response to the increasing demand for high quality and powerful light output.

Coming Soon : Mount Hertzel Memorial
This Mega Project in Har Hertzel Jerusalem is soon to be finalized. 26K Led Candles, each individually controller. Complete new Fixtures, Drivers and Garlands.
GINGER LINE - New Product launch
New line of spotlights affording a small and slick design, leading-edge technology and mighty light output, for indoor and outdoor use.
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